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The most in depth Vehicle finance course on the internet

Are you tired of staying stuck where you are at or are you ready to make a change? My used car dealer finance course is the most comprehensive in the industry. From A to Z, this eight week course shows you how to work with third party lenders and how to do buy here pay here financing effectively to maximize your profit marigins


Learn How I Boosted My Profit By $3,000 Or More Per Car By Using The Secrets & Strategies Of Financing

Who I Am

Greg Boasberg

Used Car Dealer & Finance Expert

I teach Car Dealers that buy and sell cars for profit the secrets and strategies of FINANCING their cars instead of selling them for CASH so that they can generate much larger profits for their dealership.

My Car Lot
Good Vibes Auto Sales

Located in Los Angeles, CA Since 2005. Started with 5K in inventory to 400K.

An Introduction To Buy Here Pay Here

I'm not going to keep this video up for long so watch it while you can

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How To Boost Your Profit Per Car By $3,000 Or More... By Giving The Customer MORE Of What He Wants."

only available for a limited time

an introduction to buy here pay here financing and why it's making used car dealers rich


Only available for a limited time