1. money-carAre you unhappy with your current work situation?
  2. Would you like the freedom of having your own business?
  3. Do you want to work when you want to and not be told what to do?
  4. Would you like to start making a lot more money than you are currently making?

If you answered yes to any of those questions than I have a solution for you

Let me tell you a little about myself. Eleven years ago I had a job that made me miserable. I would stare at the clock all day, counting the minutes when I can go home. It was stressful and unrewarding. I had to make a change quick for my own sanity.

I was searching around for possible business endeavors I could get into. I didn’t have a lot of startup money so my choices were limited. At the time I had some friends that were buying and selling cars on the side for extra money. They were making fast easy money. I knew right away I had to give it a shot. I started looking for deals on craigslist.

The first car I bought was an early 90’s Honda Civic for $1,000. Two days later I sold the same car for $1,600. I made a quick $600 dollars by practically doing nothing.

I had never made money so easy in my life. It would have taken me more than a week to make that at my job at the time and be miserable doing it. After that experience it was in my blood and there was no turning back.

In 2005, I got my Dealers License and opened up a small little place with four parking spaces. I was able to quit my job and start buying and selling cars for profit full time. Now at this time I was only selling my cars for cash. I hadn’t learned how to do financing yet. Once I learned how to do financing my profits tripled.

In 2009, I left my small little place and moved to a thirty car lot. I started to establish relationships with different lenders. I signed up with banks that finance customers with good credit and bad. Now not only was I making bigger profits, but I was able to sell a lot more cars.

I learned the power in financing. That not only could you make a larger profit financing the car than selling it for cash but that I could sell products too and make money on the back end. I started selling Service Contracts, Gap Insurance, Etch, making extra profits along with the profit I was making off of the car. This dramatically raised my income.

In 2014, I went from my thirty unit car lot to now double the size. Now I have a sixty unit lot and I’m able to buy nicer inventory. I’m continuing to establish relationships with new banks and I’m making bigger profits along the way. I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I’m a business owner making a good income and it just keeps getting better and better.

Now I’m ready to pass along all this great information and wisdom along to others. With my expertise and coaching I can show you the way to making six figures a year and beyond. I’ll teach you how to make the real money in this business and not have to learn the hard way like I did.

If you are not happy with where you are right now I can take you to the next level. You don’t even need to have a lot of start up money. You’ll be thinking to yourself I should have been doing this all along.

Please watch my free one hour webinar where I disclose to you the secrets and strategies on how to make a fortune in buying and selling cars for profit. This information is extremely valuable and will change your life if you apply it. It changed mine so I’m speaking from experience.



“Greg provides easy methods to maximize revenue. I would recommend his program to dealers new to the business and those that have been in the industry for quite some time, there’s something for everyone.”

Cammeron Ripley
Ripley’s Auto Sales
South Carolina