AFC Floor Plan – Independent Auto Dealer Floor Plan – How Floor Plan Works
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AFC Floor Plan – Independent Auto Dealer Floor Plan – How Floor Plan Works

In this video I explain the AFC Floor Plan, What floor planning is, and how a used car dealer can benefit from using a floor plan if they don’t have their own capitol to invest in inventory or if they don’t want to tie up their money in their inventory and use other peoples money.

If you are interested in Third Party Lender / Buy Here Pay Here Financing Training go to the following link to set up a free strategy session. Learn How to make a PROFIT of $5,000 or more per car by doing “Buy Here Pay Here” financing where the dealer is the lender and makes all of the decisions. How I tripled my profits when I stopped doing cash deals and focused my attention on doing financing and selling back end products.

Why selling just a FEW products on the back-end can add a MASSIVE additional revenue stream to your business… AND…how to do ALL of this without spending a fortune on advertising, overhead, or sacrificing even ONE DIME of your profits to a bank or finance company. Financing Used Cars instead of selling them for cash will make it possible to triple your profits on each and every deal. You can not solely rely on front end-profits. Selling products on the back-end will add a MASSIVE additional revenue stream. The more banks you establish relationships with, the more likely you’ll make a deal with a credit challenged customer and receive a larger net check. If you apply what I disclose in this video I GUARANTEE you will make a lot more money.

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