Engine’s known for Blown Head Gaskets Part One: The Cadillac North Star

As Car Dealers, we have to be extremely careful of avoiding cars with serious mechanical problems and blown head gaskets are one of them. For those of you that don’t know, The head gasket is in between the two parts of the engine which are the cylinder block and head. If it blows it is extremely expensive to fix on any Model Cadillac with this engine in it.

The Cadillac North Star Engine is one of the HARDEST cars in my experience to detect a blown head gasket. I’ve had them before where they passed a smog check, had the coolant reservoir completely filled with coolant, and I had know idea that the problem had existed until the car started overheating.

If you end up buying a Cadillac with a North Star in it for resell and find out about the blown head gasket, you are either going to have to fix it, or dump it, and either way you are going to end up most likely losing A LOT of time and money.

I ended up just junking the one I bought because it was too expensive to fix. The repair was going to cost more than what I paid for the car so I ended up just selling it to a junk yard at a huge loss. Every once in a while you buy a car that ends up just being a total turd and you gotta take a loss.


The Cadillac North Star Engine
The Cadillac North Star Engine

I would stay clear of dealing in these cars unless I knew for sure that the head gasket is not blown. Otherwise, it’s just too risky.


You don’t see the common symptoms of a blown head gasket on an old Cadillac like you do with other cars. Some of the most common symptoms are:





  1. Water mixed with oil which gives that milky substance.
  2. White smoke coming out of the exhaust
  3. Coolant smell coming through the exhaust
  4. The car is shaking and hesitating from not firing on all cylinders


If you see a Cadillac at an auction, the most common reason would be because the previous owner found out about it and sold it to a dealer. If they had sold it to a private party, that person would probably return and want their money back.


ONLY buy one if you can conduct a LIQUID TEST to determine whether the problem exists before hand. I’ve found this to be the best possible way to know for sure.




Generally, The first symptom of a blown head gasket is if the car starts overheating while you are driving it. Nine times out of ten, If it’s a Cadillac it’s the Head Gasket. These clean Cadillac’s have always been really cheap at Dealer Auctions, there is a reason.


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