Finance Week Four

The Importance in Establishing a Rapport with your Bank Representative & Rehashing Deals

Establishing a rapport with your bank representative offers many advantages in various forms. It makes it much easier to get deals approved, especially ones that will make you more money as opposed to dealing with someone that doesn’t know you on a personal level. Always remember that nothing is set in stone and that approvals can be changed in your favor. Never be afraid to get on the phone and ask for a fee to be waived or something changed. Representatives that you have a good rapport with will also save deals for you that otherwise would get sent back. Certain bank stipulations can also be waived or changed to get the deal closed.


Selling service contracts and overcoming customer objections

Selling service contracts is an important piece of income made off of the back end of the deal along with Gap Insurance. Don’t ask but always ASSUME that the customer wants one and if they don’t, I provide you with several strategies to use to overcome their objections in this tutorial.