Make sure to check for white smoke on a cold start when inspecting a Toyota Camry

Toyota Camrys are one of the most reliable and economical cars on the market and a great car to flip but they have a notorious problem that you need to check before buying one for resell. If you don’t check for this problem it’ll make it more difficult to sell the car.

What happens with these cars is the valve guide seals over time will wear and allow oil to leak down into the cylinders while the car is parked and not running. The oil is burned off when you cold start it and a big puff of white smoke will come out of the exhaust which is very obvious and then go away.

MAKE SURE when you are inspecting a Camry to COLD START IT before you buy it to make sure the white smoke isn’t coming out of the exhaust. If you don’t you’ll either have an expensive repair on your hands or you will have to explain it to the customer making it more difficult to sell.