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An In Depth Automotive Financing Tutorial

Wow…I was really surprised to see everyone is having so much trouble with Financing This is BAD news, guys… When you don’t get Financing right… You are turning away tons of hungry buyers and making small cash profits which will eventually cause you to go out of business. That is NOT what I want for…

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Always have the engine bay detailed

I always have the engine bay detailed but I make sure any water in or around the spark plugs is blown out really good with an air compressor to prevent a misfire. It makes the engine look so much cleaner getting rid of any oil built up around the valve cover gasket, etc. It’s also…

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Always check the history of a car before you buy it

Do you guys have access to Carfax or Autocheck? Always check the history of a car before you buy it. If you are buying from a private owner never trust what they say about the car’s history. They lie all the time. The odometer could have been tampered with or the car could have major…

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